About RainSoft of Springfield - Aquasani

Of course we are all about helping people, families & businesses with their poor water related issues.

My wife and I took over our local RainSoft dealership in 2014 knowing that there is a huge concern about water related contaminants here in the Ozarks.


So, we graduated from RainSoft University and got serious about water treatment.

We now have 8 great employees & we are a great team.

We do consider ourselves to be an environmentally friendly business, as well. We are against the purchase of non-reusable plastic water bottles, and typically discourage most families and businesses to stop buying them. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not recycle, so our landfills are full of plastic bottles.


We also service 5k customers in SW Mo., Central Mo. & NW AR.

We care about the water supplies & issues going on all around us.

In hope that our kids & grandkids can grow up in this area & not have to worry about water.

Our manufacturer, RainSoft, is on the cutting-edge of research and technology, using only state-of-the-art equipment since 1953. Our equipment is made in the USA and sold in over 20 countries throughout the world. RainSoft has been dedicated to producing "The World's Finest Water Treatment" and superior customer satisfaction since day one. RainSoft ensures all air and water conditioning products meet customer expectations and demands.

RainSoft has dedicated research and development, laboratory and manufacturing facilities, and offers rigorous third-party testing and certification programs. RainSoft also offers exceptional dealer training and a strong support network. RainSoft proudly offers unsurpassed product warranties with their water softening and air purification products ranging from the small, portable water filtration systems for homes and apartments, to larger treatment systems for factories, hotels and hospitals. RainSoft water treatment systems continually strive to produce the world's finest water for businesses and homes alike.

We have over 50 years of combined experience in the water treatment industry. Aquasani is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

We offer RainSoft water treatment systems, RainSoft air purification systems, reverse osmosis systems, replacement filters for reverse osmosis, annual maintenance on RainSoft Systems, professional water testing, installation of RainSoft systems, and service of RainSoft systems. Work is completed by factory-trained service technicians and installations are performed by licensed contractors.

With better quality water you can see, taste and feel, the quality difference is clear.